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When you have Microsoft Exchange Server and meeting rooms you share with people from outside your company this is the ideal application for you. With this application you can let people book those rooms online and let them see basic availability information of those rooms. The application is perfectly suited for sharing meeting rooms with freelancers, other companies in the same building, etc.


  • Web application compatible with all major browsers
  • Connects to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 web service
  • Anonymous users can see basic planning
  • Login with your Windows Live ID to book your room and update or delete your own reservations
  • External people do not need an active directory account
  • Automatically shows availabilities in your Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Rooms are retrieved based on the type of mailbox (room mailbox)
  • Meetings booked through the internal Microsoft Exchange Server (e.g. through Microsoft Outlook) are visible but without the meeting subject. Only the meeting organiser is shown.

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